purush aayog

purush aayog for non resident Indians

In order to settle abroad, sham marriages are being conducted by certain women by trapping NRI husbands working abroad. In order to get out of false 498a filed by such wives in India, there is a need felt among Indian diaspora in USA/UK/Dubai etc for purush aayog for non resident indians and this gap needs to be filled not by protesting against women laws but by invoking existing laws against false 498a related false cases filing women/ girls and wives.

NRI husband is the worst hit as he is troubled to come to India to settle the dispute or contest the cases. Inb certain cases, even foreign divorce degree validity is put in jeopardy against the non resident indian.

Man y NRI husbands have tried or committed suicide and the list of such men is endless in India as the career of the non resident indian is put at the stake when he comes to India and subsequently his passport is impounded and he is placed on travel restrivtions

And to stop a NRI from entering India, even LOC is opened against him so that he may be \arrested on arrival from abroad at the airport itelf.

Such NRI purush aayog protest seekers also want government of India to look into their immigration matters and their no crime clean status but when bluc corner notice or even an interpol or red corner notice is issued then they get worried and start searching for purush aayog in delhi India or a NRI purush aayog for non resident Indians.

The greater need for a purush aayog in delhi is felt because when you type address of purush aayog in delhi or start searching for purush aayog for nri then the only thing which is accessed is some dharna gang members having opened donation seeking sites/ office in delhi in the name of some ngo type fraudulent activities but in fact they time pass with the men and thei families and seek donations in the name of men / purush in the name of purush helpline in delhi.

In a recent case, it was found that one such fake MRA from Mohali Punjab came to delhi to rent an office space just for seeking donations and multiplicity of youtube channels and videos thereby side income with youtube adsense views. Such NGO's are duping men not just in the name of purush aayog in delhi but also in entire India and once such gajodhar type men ngo's fake mra veil is lifted then it can be seen that they are lawyer referral groups and nothing more than that.

Men/ husbands especially the NRI husbands seeking purush aayog for non resident Indians certainly don't want to publicize their cries and miseries and therefore they should get help/ written assistance and phone consultation from atur chatur counselling in delhi or visit DELHI MEN CELL so that the expert team of purush aayog for non resident Indians directly guide then men/ husbands/ NRI's to go on with their life and to close false 498a and false crpc 125 sitting directly at home abroad and that too without getting assistance from any lawyer and without giving power of attorney to anyone in India.

Men Cell like Women Cell is NOT any government or non-governmental organisation. It is simply a service to help men learn some tactics to close false CAW Cell complaint in India and also closing of false FIR u/s 498a in Delhi and also to file reply from abroad to the CrPC 125 petition by the wife in India like purush aayog helps NRI husbands solve their disputes by filing counters against wife.

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Email:    aturchatur@yahoo.com